My Bucket List

This bucket list page is intended to be possibly highly repetitive, but also comprehensive. Moreover, it’s a list that I intend to constantly be updating as well as become expansive enough to become almost unmanageable. However this beast of a list becomes handled will inevitably evolve over time and even this very text here.

What I’ll probably do, is work on adding one or two items a day to this list. In doing so, over the course of one year, I’ll have accumulated well over 365 items on this list. Which, is already absurd.

We’ll see though, we’ll see.

My Bucket List

  • Marry the love of my life
  • Get an awesome shot of Bison at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
  • See and Capture the Northern Lights
  • Get the first sale for my business, Kira
  • ☑️ Summit Diamondhead in Hawaii
  • Reach 8-10% Bodyfat
  • Experience the Grand Canyon
  • Welcome a Husky into my family
  • Learn Korean
  • Learn Japanese
  • Learn Cantonese
  • See/Experience Mt. Fuji
  • Climb a mountain
  • Fly business class internationally (specifically on one of those planes that have a bar that I can walk up to and also have my own little section that I can lay down completely flat in)
  • Visit Tokyo, Japan
  • See the sunrise in Chicago
  • Create a vlog video that I’m proud of featuring Devil’s Lake
  • Go kayaking at Devil’s Lake
  • Experience Six Flags with a Flash Pass
  • Reach 1000 subscribers on my personal YouTube channel
  • Reach 1000 subscribers on Kira’s YouTube channel
  • See the Marvel Exhibit in Chicago
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Get a Tattoo
  • Go camping

My 2021 Bucket List