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  • How to Resolve Bitterness and Nitpicking in Relationships
    Have you ever found yourself in a cycle of bitter nitpicking with your partner? We did. And this is how we solved it.
  • I’m Ready to Explore a Vegan Diet
    It started with a flu. I was bedridden, void of energy, and completely drained of willpower. And I felt that … More
  • The Effect of Weather on my Spirit
    I strongly believe that we all have conditions in which we naturally thrive.
  • Applying Minimalism to the Mind
    I used to look at minimalism as a practice applied to physical space. Once applied, the positive benefits of decluttering would naturally find their way to the mind. But what if we also, intentionally, applied minimalism to our mind and thoughts?
  • Glen Waterfall | Reviewing my Vlog
    After creating a cinematic vlog on my recent trip to the Glen Waterfall Forest Preserve, I felt there were many aspects in which I could improve. This post details both the positives and negatives that I took away from this vlog.
  • What is a Vicious Alcoholic?
    I once heard Mike Tyson say he used to be a vicious alcoholic. Hearing a legend that I look up to talk about this resonated with me and the relationship I’ve had with alcohol. After much reflection and meditation, this is what I’ve gathered from it all.
  • Maybe… I’m a little Introverted…
    In a world that readily idealizes the social butterfly, it took me years to finally begin to understand what I needed for myself.
  • How I Use Pomodoro to Get Things Done
    Pomodoro is an incredibly useful technique for those looking to increase productivity and get things done. Like most techniques, people eventually find tricks and create styles to make it their own. Here are four of mine and most importantly, my mentality with it.
  • It Takes Some Luck to Find Bison at the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
    There really are Bison at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. The thing is, it does take a little bit of luck to find them.
  • Toe Socks Might Be My Answer to Foot Pain
    I suffered from terrible back and feet pain for over 20 years… In this post, I dive a bit into my past to explain what I went through, as well as the unexpected solution that has been working for me so far.