Workout Notes 06/04/2022

Initial Notes/Thoughts/Feelings

  • Late in the day.  Skipped the early workout in order to be available for partner emotionally.  Felt it was more important than getting the workout in at that time.


  • Ring Pull-ups
    • 5 reps
      • Felt good.  Held it a little bit mid-set too to stretch a little more.
    • 5 reps
      • Still feeling good.  Ring pull-ups are finally starting to feel comfortable.
    • 5 reps
      • Feeling good but also feeling the difficulty increase.  I wonder if I can beat 7 sets.  Do I want to?  We’ll see I guess.
    • 5 reps
      • Still going good.  Tension is building.  Let’s see how many reps I can do on the last set.
    • 5 reps
      • Whew.  Did these as L pull-ups – just got the feeling and went for it.  Definitely can’t wait for the ab session tomorrow – I gotta keep increasing ab strength.
    • 5 reps
      • Starting to feel the mental fight.  Focus on your breath.  Push through 7 sets.  If you’ve got it in you, do 10.
    • 5 reps
      • Tough, but got it.  10 should be good if you push.  Know what?  Let’s do 10 sets this week and increase the rep range on the next pull up session.  Increase to 6 and go for 5 sets of 6.
    • 4 reps
      • Started to feel my shoulders stressing a little.  Perhaps injury is not all the way healed enough to go for 10 sets of 5.  Let’s go for two more sets, slowwww… and do minimum two reps.   Sloooooow movements.
    • 2 reps
      • Slow movements were good.  Stay careful.  Stay slow.  Keep form.  3 seconds up, hold, and 3 seconds down.
    • 3 rep.
      • Good.  No injury.  Stay vigilant and keep improving.

Final Notes/Thoughts/Feelings

  • Decided to stop the evening workout at pull-ups.  I don’t want to throw off my schedule too much as I want to keep my workouts in the morning.  Did good for an evening workout and looking forward to crushing this exercise even more.

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