Workout Notes 06/03/2022

Initial Notes/Thoughts/Feelings

  • Really did not want to workout today.  Emotions and mood had a lot to do getting my mind in the right place.  Eventually decided, I need to at least get on that bike and do a warm up.  At least give THAT a shot.


  • Bike Warm Up
    • 1/2 mile
    • Decided I did not want to watch anything.  I wanted to feel productive.  Started returns on Amazon.  Decided half a mile was enough.
    • After completing, I do feel slightly more motivated, but still a bit deflated from emotional ups and downs.  Decided to continue with the workout and see how I feel.
  • Decline Bench Press
    • Put some time into setting up my placement.
  • 1 – 155/5
    • Not bad.  Lifting off of rack was tough at first.
  • 2 – 155/5
  • 3 – 185/3
    • Tough, but knowing that I told myself last chest workout to do only 3 reps if necessary gave me some le-way.  I benched it and am feeling proud of it.  It was only 3, but it was still 3.  Got two more sets of it.
  • 4 – 185/3
    • Completing this set left me more motivated.  I’m ready to do an extra set at the end and I’m not even there yet.
  • 5 – 185/3
    • Saw a hawk in the sky mid-set.  Took my attention away for a second.  For some reason, I was able to dive back into focus well.
  • 6 – 185/5
    • I wanted this to be my last set.  I was able to push through and get 5 reps.  It wasn’t particularly hard, but it wasn’t easy either to do it on the last set.  
  • Next chest workout notes:
    • I think I should attempt next week’s with all 185’s for 3 reps.
    • Do a warm up of 45 for 5 reps, 135 for 2, and 155 for 2.

Final Notes/Thoughts/Feelings

  • Finished off morning workout here.  I feel good about the chest workout and will maybe attempt some ring pushups tonight with other movements.
  • Writing in this journal, my thoughts while working out, felt right.  It felt more right than anything else that I’ve done in between workouts.  I think I will continue this.
  • Did not do an evening workout. Had to sort out things emotionally with partner.

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