How to be More Adventurous

You know those times where you lay in bed all day and endlessly scroll on social media? Or binge-watch TV shows and movies? Or maybe even binge-eat or drink?

Chances are, there is also “another side of you” that is totally different.

For me, that side of me is highly adventurous and explorative, fitness-focused, and a total productivity nerd.

Yet still, I find myself running into those ruts from time to time.

After observing and analyzing one of my most recent binge days (almost an entire day of watching The Walking Dead on Netflix), I came to a conclusion:

Much like how getting yourself to consistently go to the gym and work out is a discipline and a practice, any other area, whether it’s studying, practicing a skill, or EVEN something “fun” like adventuring, is ALSO a practice.

Just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it’s going to come easy.

Adventure is a practice in the sense that one must continuously subject themselves to and commit to doing them. And regardless of how much you actually enjoy it, not practicing will make it harder to start or restart. Not practicing, will make starting more stressful. Not practicing, will make it easier to keep not doing.

“So then, how does one “practice” adventuring?” I asked myself.

As with most things in life, I believe the answer is one part very simple and the another part very personal.

The simple part is to keep doing things that feel adventurous.

The personal side of it, is figuring out what feels adventurous to you.

After my own massive brainstorm session, what I concluded feels adventurous to me is based on whether or not I would be willing to either capture the event – either through photography or film. If I’m not willing to do either, then it is not adventurous enough for me.

That parameter works for me because I view adventure as a memory that I WANT to take pictures and videos of. When I have nothing to show for it, I feel like I did something wrong… and worst of all, I feel like the memory will eventually be lost forever.

The willingness to photograph and/or film an event or action is my personal filter… not the only filter.

For you, maybe it needs to be a hike.

Maybe it needs to be somewhere new.

Maybe it needs to be outside or require something physically taxing.

Regardless of what that filter is for you, the rule still stands that you’ve got to practice it. You’ve got to commit to it. It’s something you’ve got to keep doing and keep willing yourself to do.

Schedule it.

Then make it happen.

Then keep making it happen.

At first, you might face some tough mental battles to make it happen… maybe even tons of them. These battles will be with any one or several of the infinite amount of reasons your mind can “logically” or “illogically” come up with to stop you from making your adventure happen.

It’s completely normal for that to happen and it’s up to you to find your answer to it.

With enough practice against the “Reasons-why-not-to-Monster”, you’ll figure out strategies and tactics to help you defeat the beast. You’ll get better at it. And after enough battling, your first few victories might turn into many. And on the other side, you’ll have found yourself having gone on some pretty awesome adventures.

So, schedule it.

Make it happen.

Then keep making it happen.

Adventure is a practice.

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