I May Have Been Working Out My Abs Incorrectly My Whole Life.

It’s moments like these – where your eyes widen and flashbacks flood your mind with the countless hours you’ve already spent pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into something only to find out that you may have been wrong the entire time – that we can sometimes find our next spurt of tremendous growth.

After enough time and training with any particular muscle group, you can sometimes discover or “unlock” the ability to flex DIFFERENT areas of it. An extremely popular example is the flexing of the left and right chest muscles.

Look at that guy go!

I think I’ve JUST discovered that you can do the same with the abs.

Before this, the most impactful moment of isolated muscular control has been in my shoulders. I can, by moving my arms into the right position, very specifically flex the front, side, and rear deltoid muscles. And even though I was able to do this, the thought that it was possible with abs never even occurred to me.

I HAVE though, seen a few videos here and there of people performing some crazy ab flexes (most likely while scrolling through TikTok or YouTube). And even after having seen these videos, I’d always subconsciously concluded this ability was something you were BORN with and not a skill that could be “unlocked” by ANYONE and everyone.

The one other ab flex that I thought people COULD learn to do was the vacuum, which, in my head was so different from a normal ab flex that I don’t think I even grouped them in the same category. There was flexing your abs and then there was the vacuum – another type of flex that happened to involve the abs.

But then, one day, in the middle of a rep, it happened. For the first time in my life, I flexed the MIDDLE/INNER portion of my abs (highlighted in red).

Yellow = middle/outer abs.
Red = middle/inner abs.

For every twist and every crunch I’ve ever done, I’ve always utilized the middle and outer portion of my abs (highlighted in yellow) and never realized there was a big difference. But when I’d flexed the the middle and INNER portion of my abs for the first time, it was like a lightbulb went off. It really felt like a flex that went straight down the middle of the abs – a flex sensation that was completely different than what I’d felt for well over ten years. Flexing here felt almost like I was slightly trying to make my abs “explode”.

Whether or not incorporating this flex into my ab exercises will yield any results, I do not yet know. As with any developing muscle group, I do believe it will take several months before this potentially shows any observable significance. But for now, for better or for worse, it is at least, a brand new mind to muscle connection I’ve gained.

What do you think? Have you come across this kind of flex before? Did you know about this difference in ab flexion? Let me know!

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