I am Not “Perfect”… Yet.

I’ve done a lot of thinking lately on the concept of perfection and its relationship with the mind.

This concept has trails that lead to jealousy, self consciousness, uncertainty, sadness, anger, and so many more self-defeating emotions. Despite the fact that there are TONS of “you are enough” messages out there, when I recite those words to boost some confidence within myself, I find myself unable to fully accept it.

And I believe it’s because there is actually a hidden concept that needs to be brought forth into the light.

When I evaluate life itself, I find it easy for me to understand that LIFE is BEAUTIFUL. No matter who, what, when, where, or any other form of measurement you could possibly surmise, I would argue that all life is equally beautiful and PERFECT. When I evaluate MYSELF though, I find lingering embers of dissatisfaction with the notion that I am imperfect and that MY imperfection is “perfect”…

When I add time to the mix, everything changes.

I am imperfect RIGHT NOW.

And suddenly, I begin to find the concept digestable.

When I reflect on projects I’ve worked on in the past – whether it be in art, writing, or anything for that matter, I found myself having felt similar feelings. It would be annoying for me to hear someone say that what I’m working on was “good enough” already… that it was already “perfect” – and that’s because it isn’t done yet! The project is something I’m working on and its vision has not yet come to life. I can still SEE the sculpture within the marble and I’m not done chiseling it OUT.

This is the same with my life. I am continuously working on MYSELF because I’m not DONE yet – I still have room to grow, to evolve, to change, and to be better… to be more.

Of course, I understand whole heartedly that no matter what my final result is like, it will be beautiful. My life’s final form will be an inevitable existence of imperfection as perfection. But while I still draw breath, while I am still able to create, do, and sculpt, and while I have not given up, IT – no matter what IT is – is not complete.


This still leaves one last idea to dissect: The idea that all of this is understood and the topic in question is whether or not a subject at ONE particular moment and time (the now) is beautiful and perfect.

I find myself with the answer of both yes and no.

If we freeze a subject in a moment of time… it is without a doubt, beautiful. That moment and that being’s existence is now frozen for our minds to evaluate. When isolated… without any past or future… it is undoubtedly beautiful. But we as BEINGS live, think, and do in an unstoppable and progressing state. Time is an inseparable part of our existing. The only way to truly move forward in ANY situation, FOR any purpose, and without ANY hindrance is to accept what is and to keep going.

I understand that my life and my being, in its entirety, is beautiful. I accept what I am and what I have at any moment and time throughout that timeline. And at THIS moment and time… I am not done. I am NOT perfect YET.

I am an incomplete MASTERPIECE.

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